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A key function of social housing is to provide accommodation that is affordable to people on low incomes. Limits to rent increases set by law mean that rents are kept affordable. Unlike in the private rented sector, where tenancies are offered by the landlord and letting agent to whomever they choose, social housing is distributed according to the local council’s allocation scheme. Since the Localism Act 2011, councils can decide who is or isn’t eligible to go on the waiting list for social housing. Out of those who meet the council’s criteria, legislation requires that certain groups be given reasonable preference.


The biggest problem facing social housing is that as a country we are simply not building enough affordable homes currently and historically. As a result, waiting lists for social housing continue to grow – forcing more and more people to move into private rented accommodation. It is important that those who rent from a social landlord have the opportunity of a permanent, secure home. However, the shortage of social housing means local authorities have to deal with the many thousands of households that are waiting, whether in temporary accommodation or in insecure private rentals, for the offer of a social home.


CITIGROUP produce factory constructed modular housing units. The standard unit comprises 30m/2 of floor space, providing a double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and study area, the "CITIPOD". The CITIPOD is designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate a wide variety of tenants and are built to mobility standards. The units are designed to meet the highest standards of insulation (Code 5 and above) and to allow for single or multi-storey arrangements (<7 Storeys). The units are sited permanently on pile foundations meaning installation is a simple and short process.


Low lead in time to construction

Completion 50% quicker than traditional build (see above)

Low Cost

Low running costs due to high performance technology, design and materials

No downtime due to weather

Factory manufacturing conditions ensuring exact manufacture

Sustainable technology and manufacture


The design of the CITIPOD is made with the most efficient use of space.  The standard CITIPOD offers clients flexibility of floor plan arrangements and specification, within the standard CITIPOD module. CITIGROUP has an in house design team that can immediately produce Client requirements, which upon Client approval, is sent for immediate manufacture. Whilst the factory manufacturing of the CITIPOD's is underway, the site works are carried out simultaneously. Each CITIPOD is delivered via road and is craned into position on site. Each CITIPOD is constructed with "PLUG and PLAY" technology reducing installation time to a minimum. Local Planning Authorities will determine the external finishes of each CITIPOD but any finish can be accommodated. 







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