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Redefining the way Housing is supplied

The Future


CITIGROUP is changing the way  housing is delivered.

Factory manufactured buildings are proven to provide improved standards of speed, accuracy, and efficiency of on-site production. No delays due to weather, no mess due to site contamination, no issues of site inaccuracies. Speed to completion is a fundamental solution to the ever-increasing social demands for housing. A new, speedier and more efficient supply of affordable homes is required to meet the massive demand and the solution is: Citigroup



Make Things Happen

It Starts Here

Our designers have researched the Affordable Housing Market and have produced a design that most efficiently satisfies the Affordable Housing Market requirements. 

It Starts Here

CITIGROUP manufacture modular residential buildings. The buildings can be supplied individually and in multi-storey formats (up to 7 storeys). The modules are constructed using the latest SIP technologies offering unparalleled insulation qualities resulting in minimal running costs even achieving Carbon Neutral standards. Each module is constructed and completed in our factory resulting in standardisation of production, delivering a superior build quality than tradition on-site methods. Each standard single storey unit is 33m/2 (GEA) up to 72m/2 and internal layouts can be adapted to individual requirements. All services are connected using "Plug and Play" technology. External finishes are provided to meet any planning requirements.


The units are transported to the site via road and craned into position. The enabling/site works are completed during the construction process further saving time to completion.

45 units in  Weeks.

Manufactured, installed and completed on site